Pedigrees2000 1.1

This software is designed for animal breeders that want to keep records
4.0 (See all)

-Number of records limited only by size of hard drive
-No limit on number of individual databases
-User defined pedigree screens enabling user to determine which fields to display (color, registration number, etc.). User can save multiple formats for future use.
-Data entry from pedigree screen or at individual record level.
-Includes one-step search of existing database for parent or add new
animal to database
-User defined interactive, split screen format allowing user to view the file, pedigree, and/or record details on a single screen simultaneously. Save multiple formats for future use.
-View 2 different databases, side by side and import new
data at field or record level.
-Generates printed and html pedigrees with or without pictures.
-Generates printed pedigrees in jpg format
Generates text e-mail pedigrees and progeny reports. Number of generations determined by user. Includes ability to select which fields to include in report.

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